A mother’s love is truly unlike any other. A friend who never leaves you, the one-woman fan club that supports your bold dreams (no matter how far-fetched they may seem), and your safe place to land at the end of the day. You would think God knew what He was doing when He tasked the nurturer with becoming a mom. No matter where you go, she’s the haven that always feels like home.

To understand the depth of a mother’s love and see examples of the original “supermoms,” look no further than the Bible. Mothers show love for their children in so many ways: Through the seen and unseen, the big and small, and everything in between, she does it all in hopes of creating a better life for you. Here are five beautiful reminders of a mother’s love, as demonstrated by these inspiring matriarchs of the Bible.

Eve – You Are the Glory in Her Story

Eve, the “mother of all living,” was a woman of many firsts. The first woman, the first wife, and the first mother, which also meant she was the first mother to experience the pain of childbirth as a result of the suffering brought into the world through her sin. Because of Eve’s consequential decision to disobey God and be swayed by the serpent in the Garden of Eden, God cursed women to experience labor pains. But, even though the pangs of that sin are still felt generations later, it’s God’s grace that deserves the real focus here. Eve was more than just deceived; she was graciously pardoned and allowed to bear the greatest gift of them all: life.

Chances are, you are the sweet spot in your mother’s story. How does she talk (read: brag) about you to others? Can you sense her overwhelming pride? Has her life, after you, changed her in profoundly positive ways? It’s because you are the glory in the story. You are the gift that maybe she thought, at one point, she was unworthy to have. And if her past mistakes weren’t fatal failures, that means yours won’t be either. Glory is at the end of your story because God made it so. You are her living proof that God forgives, redeems, and makes things new again!

Mary – She Is the Ultimate Supporter of Your Destiny

Mary, the mother of the Messiah, was the one who found favor with God. As a virgin, confounded, she still was open to the supernatural call of bearing the Savior of the world. Throughout her life as Jesus’ mother, she continued to display moments of humble willingness, throwing her logic, preferred choices, and worry out the window to support a mission that was much bigger than herself. Do you remember when Jesus was just 12 years old and He stayed behind in Jerusalem after the feast of the Passover to have alone time with God? Well, as you can imagine, that didn’t go over well with His parents who anxiously searched for Him for three days (Luke 2:48). Or when Mary stayed close to the cross at the end of her Jesus’ life (John 19:25), suffering with Him though she could not help Him. You see, she never stood in the way of His mission, showing her ultimate support for His destiny.

Can you think of a bigger supporter than your mom? Maybe it was when she sent you off to that new city across the country so you could build a life for yourself and follow your dreams. Or the amount of time she has sacrificed to make sure you’re comfortable, covered, and cared for. However she’s shown her support, know that it wasn’t always easy, but it was worth it for her to prepare you to reach your destiny.

Jochebed – Her Love Shines Through Sacrifice

We’re all familiar with Moses, the man God entrusted to free His people and write the Ten Commandments, but without the sacrifice of his mother, Jochebed, those accomplishments might have never happened. Jochebed was pregnant in a difficult moment in Hebrew history, putting her in a frightful predicament: whether to give up her youngest son to Pharaoh, who placed a decree that every newborn male Hebrew child be thrown into the Nile River, or make an escape for him but relinquish the opportunity of being his mother, watching his life from afar. This speaks to the many women who have been faced with the difficult decision to place their child up for adoption. Jochebed chose the latter when she put Moses into a basket and onto the Nile, floating him into the hands of the one who would raise him. Ironically, it was Pharaoh’s daughter. The hole in Jochebed’s heart created hope for a people, because only where there is great hope is there great sacrifice.

What is the biggest sacrifice your mother has made you? Maybe, like Jochebed, she felt like letting you go was the right decision in hopes you’d find a brighter future in the loving hands of another. Or maybe she put her own plans on hold so you could thrive. Or maybe it’s the way she constantly sacrifices her pride to make things right again after a fight. No matter what it might be, if it’s for your ultimate good, it’s a sacrifice she’s willing to make.

Naomi – She Remains Loyal Even After Loss

Even when mothers are fraught with life’s hardships, they still somehow find the strength to be there for others. We see this with Naomi, a Jewish foreigner who relocates to the land of Moab with her family after famine strikes Bethlehem. While in this new land, Naomi’s husband dies, and her two sons marry Moabite women, Ruth and Orpah. Within just 10 years, tragedy strikes again and Naomi loses both of her sons. According to Jewish law, marriage outside of one’s nation was forbidden, and now, Naomi was a widow and mother-in-law to two foreign women. While she could have resented her daughters-in-law or been paralyzed by grief, she instead chose to love, support, and look after them like her very own. Naomi makes the tough decision to return home alone. She encourages the girls to stay in Moab and go back to their families, believing this was their shot at a better life. But Ruth, as we know, does not leave Naomi in her hour of sorrow and follows her, faithfully, back to Bethlehem (Ruth 1:16-17).

Think of your mother’s loyalty now: When life shifted for the worst, while her grief was overwhelming and she didn’t have all the answers, can you still see the ways she put you first? Mothers are notorious for putting on a brave face for their children even when their worlds are falling apart. Their loyalty doesn’t get lost in loss, but is sharpened by it.

Hannah – She Is Faithful to Her Promises

Hannah struggled with barrenness and an anguishing desire to have children. She wept bitterly and pleaded with the Lord for a son, one she vowed to put back into His hands if He would just bless her in this miraculous way (1 Samuel 1:10-11). In God’s perfect will and timing, Hannah gave birth to a son, Samuel. Hannah rejoiced in this deliverance, and when Samuel was old enough, she held true to her word by bringing Him into the house of God at Shiloh to be presented and mentored by Eli. Hannah intentioned Samuel to live a life dedicated to the Lord, and he did just that. He would eventually lead the people of Israel and anoint their first and second kings — Saul and David. What a beautiful example of just what God can do when women pray.

Faithful mothers know that the safest place their child could be is in God’s hands. Can you think back on individual moments when your mom grew you up in the faith and pointed you to God? Or what about all the times she dragged you to church with her, even when you wanted to be somewhere else or stay in bed a little longer? It was never to punish you, but to place you in the loving hands only equipped with the power to mold you into your highest purpose!

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May 9, 2021