The TD Jakes Show Premiers Sept 12

Changing the Narrative


It is undeniable that we are overwhelmingly saturated with content from the media on a day-to-day basis. The conduits in which the media communicates with us is staggering, as seen with our mobile devices, desktops, home entertainment systems, and satellite radios just to name a few. We are continually bombarded with information that we must process and deduce through reasoning, whether or not it will be beneficial to our emotional, spiritual, and mental wellbeing. Although the quantity of portals through which mass media is delivered to us brings me great concern, I believe the focus should be geared more towards the quality. This has never been more crucial than the recent narrative involving race relations, political forefronts, gender equality, and self-identification. What we lack in mass media serves as an adequate representation of the viewer. Networks have the ability to sway to extremes on various opinionated spectrums, yet deny the viewer an opportunity for their voices to be heard, their likeness to be seen, and for them to arrive at objective truth.

Rarely do we find content suitable for differing generations. We might not be able to understand one another’s unique thought processes, but our experiences and the beliefs behind them, often can unify us. This fall, our very own Bishop T.D. Jakes has the unique opportunity to take ministry out of the 4 walls of the church and into the homes of millions across the United States. I must admit I can be a tad bit bias, seeing that I have followed his ministry for decades. Nevertheless, I am most excited that others have the opportunity to observe for themselves the spiritual and practical wisdom of one of the most prolific inspirational leaders we have to date.

One of the most venerated attributes that Christ possessed was the ability to never impose His will on anyone. I believe His gravitational pull came not only through word of mouth because of the lack of marketing resources during those times, but also because of the mere fact that He was inviting and engaging to those He was attempting to reach. You have to keep in mind that there was no brick and mortar church during those days. Christ’s ministry was all about meeting the thirsty where they were, in the state that they were in, and providing them with LIVING WATER. He did not allow time, distance, or doubt to get in the way of engaging ministry. In some way I feel as though the opportunity presented to Bishop Jakes with the T.D. Jakes talk show is a catalyst of change.

Let’s not only rally behind this visionary through our viewership in September, but also in prayer. In over 40 years of ministry, we are still exploring unchartered territory. Be part of the force behind changing the narrative.



Written by: The Potter's House

August 30, 2016