Fraudulent accounts are those that replicate the identity of a known account, but are not the true account holder. The identify and security of our accounts are important and a serious matter for The Potter’s House.

The accounts at the Potter’s House are identified by the list below. Some accounts have the verified badge 634837376558927811 noted which acknowledges an official account that has been verified by the Social Media platform.

Due to the nature and rapid pace of fraud accounts appearing, we monitor and report fake accounts daily. Each site (Social Media or Website) will be further investigated and submitted to the proper channels for removal.

The removal of the fraud accounts can take up to 21 days in some instances.

We greatly appreciate your efforts and will work to remove the accounts in a timely manner.

Bishop Jakes Official Accounts
• FB: bishopjakes
• IG: @bishopjakes
• Twitter: @bishopjakes

Serita Jakes Official Accounts
• FB: firstladyjakes
• IG: @seritajakes
• Twitter: @firstladyjakes

The Potter’s House Official Accounts
• FB: tphdallas
• IG: @tphdallas
• Twitter: @tphdallas



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