I don’t believe “ONE is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do”; I’m counting on the old-schoolers to recall this golden oldie.  But I am inclined to think it may be the most complicated number in the sum of what counts, especially during a season of singleness!  Because while God says it is “not good” that man should be alone, He also says that when single, your focus should be singularly on Him; but when married, yours will be a prismatic view.  So which is better?  A mutually “prismatic love gaze” of your “other” and God, or single-minded focus on God al-ONE?  (Luke 11 & 1 Corinthians 7).

I believe the answer is found where the pattern first began…in the image of God. We know from the written Word that God is numerically three, and yet He is simultaneously ONE (1 John).  Just so we, being God’s new creation, are body, soul, and spirit, and yet we are one.  But we were also created in need of an “other”; God said it was not good that Adam be al-ONE and proceeded to form Eve out of Adam’s being, to be his companion!

Having experienced some rough patches throughout my season of singleness, I have concluded that the challenge of being ONE arises when we attempt to be another’s “other” before we have developed our own sense of wholeness!  How can two halves ever make a whole if they have yet to fill the void they have within their own selves?

Search high and low and you will find that there is no other who has the “right stuff” to make you whole…but God.

No…ONE is not the loneliest number that you’ll ever do!  Not when you look FIRST to God as your number ONE companion, and allow Him to strategically position you to meet the ONE He has designed for you.


Written By: Pastor Bonné Moon

Written by:

February 1, 2017