We’ve all heard the term, “It takes money to make money”…often spoken when out on a limb with a risky investment, or when explaining why we have no money at all! Regardless of how compelled, this old money quote comes from a well turned thought that’s worth buying into!

When God gives us something of value, He often grounds it in the principles of agriculture. Like a tree planted by the water; or a field of souls ripe for harvest; or a flourishing life being like a bough by a well whose branches (generations) run over the wall; and contrarily the fate of an unfruitful fig tree being cursed to die. Then too, even within our own lives…our thoughts, our words, our actions-become the lifetime fulfillment of the seed we’ve allowed to be sown across our field of dreams!

Money’s no exception…it’s a lot like agriculture too! Requiring discernment of the seasons; knowing good money from bad; investing in fertile ground, while also giving our investment the interest of intentional husbandry, and patiently waiting for harvest time! But of all the agricultural truths, I believe the most important is recognizing the difference between what we can consume and what we must save as seed for the next crop!

God gave us this farm grounded principle too and it works miracles in His field! He requires 10% be given back to the Sower to ensure a pressed down shaken together and running over return on investment! And as a former landscaper, I always looked for a 30% net-so I radically resolved a matching 30% reinvestment, of all I find most valuable in my life, into the hope of tomorrow. Regardless of your percentage point break, farmer, if you hunger for a good harvest…NEVER eat the seed it takes to make seed!!!

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November 6, 2016