Women of Influence Track – 2019 Caribbean Cruise

New Amsterdam

November 9, 2019 – November 16, 2019

Welcome, and thank you for considering this exceptional travel and networking experience. As part of the Women of Influence group, we have negotiated a special rate for your participation. Please use promotional code WOI2019 to receive a $500.00 saving off each room. If you are reserving a room for one, the entire discount will be applied to your room at the time of your reservation. If you are sharing a room for two, a $250.00 discount will be applied to each person’s reservation for a total savings of $500.00 off the published room rate.

To book your reservation, please call 800.247.1899 to speak with a Reservations Coordinator at Inspiration Cruises & Tours and use promo code: WOI209.